Saturday, September 24, 2016


Praise for Kim - Conferring with Writers
Your presentation included all the important point: content, examples, demonstration, active engagement. Each piece was clearly tied to your goals and could easily be incorporated right away in a classroom.
I like your several practices you gave us and the opportunity to try it out.
Wow! That was fabulous! You did a great job keeping your presentation varied, engaging and hands-on.
Super job connecting the different points you made with personal experiences.
Love the easy to follow organization!
Extensively organized with materials and effective visual aids!!
Your presentation was engaging and valuable. There is so much I can take from it into my classroom right now!!
Well researched, great videos.
Wonderfully useful tools for conferring!
Your workshop was chock-full with really useful take-aways, without feeling rushed.
I loved the open nature of your style. It allowed us to be engaged and ask questions.

Praise for Susan - Reading through a Writer’s Lens
I REALLY appreciated the specificity of your instruction and the practice opportunities - useful materials too.
Wonderful, helpful, amazing presentation. Your books are great.
Thank you for sharing your collection of beautiful books. The process for “gathering craft from literature” was effective.
This presentation touches what I believe is most important for literacy teachers.
Loved the work you built into your presentation. It was very fruitful and important.
I loved having time to read picture books!! And the emphasis on slowing down.
Great presentation - loaded with practical information, just enough info to satisfy but not overwhelm.
Thank you! Excellent! Brought home the importance of really showing what showing means!
The activities provided tons of inspiration. Chock full of great info and lists of ideas for all grades levels.
Craft vs. message - so much of the separation of these 2 things aligns with my own workshop! You did an excellent job and I love your passion for this; it’s infectious.
Your workshop was so engaging, interactive and informative!

Wonderful, helpful, amazing presentation. Your books are great!

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