Saturday, September 24, 2016

Afternoon Fall 9.24.16

After lunch Bridgette started us off with a wonderful writing outdoors workshop as a practice to engage students in observation and creating questions. Twenty minutes of observation and writing time outside on a blustery, crispy, yet warm fall day revealed twelve different perspectives  and questions.    Below are the questions we asked.

Darren - How complex is a little beetle and what organs for they have?

Rebecca- Whether the drought would affect the inside of the milkweed pod/

Bridgette- Why is the dandelion stem called a clock?

Shawn- What is your obsession with personification in nature?

Bobby- Where did I associate and reflect and where did I observe?

Shawne- What words can be used to describe the different ways wind moves?

Kim - Why is writing easier for me right now, is it because I am outside?

Susan- Is there a word for a group of crickets?

Courtney- Why doesn’t the air move like this in Ohio?

Chris- Why was the building that houses all the gardening tools be so ugly?

Patricia - Where does this wind go?

Jane - Does the sun hear the elder pine’s pleas for rain?

Last portion of the day we discussed Teaching the Neglected R in small groups using Save the Last Word protocol Patricia introduced.

Shawne’s closing moment spoke to the importance of art, specifically  music in “the need to decompress and pull oneself back together”.  It was lovely.  Perfect. As a final closing we read each other’s mindful moments throughout the day, connecting end to beginning!

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