Thursday, June 30, 2016

Eleanore Morse

Calmness suffused over our boisterous crew as Eleanor lulled us into a sense of awe with her lullaby voice beckoning us, "to be willing to open to the something that waits there for us so we can live in its shadowy presence and find a way to discover our radiant moments and use the  details to create our transcendent, radiant moments. Luminous, transcendent, holy, limitless".

“Details in writing can capture these moments of awe.  Details come from accurate noticing - be receptive to new world’s looking at the scene. Pay attention, intensely. We each have our own voices. Value, respect it! Allow silence, listen to the silence of your memory”.

Eleanor ended with this blessing - “May your heart be broken with radiant moments”.

If you would like, please post in a couple of sentences what you captured!

Last Part of the Day

Some of us scurried over to purchase Eleanor's books. And then we all met in our writing groups, some taking the time to write, while others shared their writing. It sounded like a productive time, hearing snippets of Bobby and Shawne's work.

Mercedes awesome closing moment video:

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